30th July 2009 Sorry to say, but I have sold this Saab to a fellow enthusiast. This will end updates to this site. The very last photos of the Saab in my possession are above on this page. My sales ad (in Finnish) can be found here.
12th April 2004 From the archives up in the attic of our new house: I have added some scans of Saab sales material from the 60's in the album section.
7th October 2003 We had another "track day" at the Malmi Airport with the Finnish Saab Club. Sorry, no photos this time, my bro has my camera! But it was the first day I had my new rims installed complementing the Aero kit. There are just two photos and a little story in the exterior section.
13th September 2003 We had a great track day with the Finnish Saab Club at the Alastaro race track. Here are 41 photos from the meeting..
20th July 2003 SORRY for not updating the site in ages! Lots has been going on. Havent had too much time to work on the Saab but definitely something has happened to it, too. See Interior, Performance and Exterior sections for up to date information. I promise to be more active in the future: lots of stuff are waiting to be installed, including water injection (yes, still not ready!) and a new Rostra electronic cruise control.
1st December 2002 Here's 20 photo shots of the Saabs that were on display at the Helsinki Motor Show 2002. The 9-3X was pretty nice and the RaceAbout 2 is quite an interesting piece of work, too!
11th November 2002 A new 2.5" Ferrita stainless exhaust with 3" JT battery front pipe installed. A water injection project is on the way and all the parts have been gathered up for testing. See Performance section. The Links page has been updated as well.
21st September 2002 Here are 50 photos from the The Finnish Saab Club meeting at the Ahvenisto Racetrack.
30th July 2002 My Car-PC is finally installed. It necessitated some serious modifications to the dash. This is not a story for the Saab puritanists. Read more at the interior section.
28th July 2002 A front-mount intercooler from a Saab 9000 installed. Read more at the performance section.
27th July 2002 The Finnish Saab Club arranged a meeting at the Mobilia traffic museum in Kangasala, near Tampere. Here are a few photos from the happening.
2nd May 2002 Gee, the summer is here! Sorry for not updating the site during the winter - that's mainly because nothing remarkable has been done. Now it looks I'll have more time to work with the car. I purchased a new set of 16" rims today. And there are several new projects for the summer, with parts laying around my house waiting to be installed. These include the installation of a Saab 9000 intercooler plus some neat stuff at the audio-visual and navigation department... Stay tuned! Oh, the rims/tires are here.
24th September 2001 Once again the Finnish Saab club arranged a meeting at the Ahvenisto racetrack last Saturday. Here's 27 photos from the happening.
5th August 2001 Wrote an email about setting the timing and optimizing it with the BTM to a fellow enthusiast. I suppose others may find the info useful as well, so here's the email.
17th July 2001 Visited the Saab factory museum in Trollhättan, Sweden a week ago. Took some photos you may find interesting: take a look at the Album .
20th June 2001 Did some timing tweaks over the weekend. Added a pressure control valve in series with the BTM and optimized the timing map. See my results at the Performance section .
15th May 2001 Aah, the weather is great for outdoor wrenching. Unfortunately been quite busy lately, but have had a chance to work some cosmetic details such as treating small rust spots on the lower insides of the doors. Just ordered a new bumper cover. Will also replace headlight lenses and blinkers. These are really showing their age! well, nothing to do with performance once again. Site news? Ehem. Lots of new photos in the interior section, also replaced many photos around the site with newly scanned ones with better quality.
3rd March 2001 Not much has happened during the winter: been way too cold for extensive repairs. Just bought some neat stuff from Neo Brothers in UK, including leather wheel+shifter, heated mirrors etc. Updated site with the installation of these parts, no pics yet. Cleaned up the links section too. Anxiously waiting for the spring!
8th October 2000 Here's 39 new photos I took at our local Saab Club meeting at the Malmi airport today. I've rearranged the site so that these photos can be found from the Album section.
8th October 2000 Updated the Handling section. Switched back to standard turbo shock absorbers.
9th September 2000 Here's all of the 55 photos I took at the Finnish Saab Club meeting at Ahvenisto racetrack today.
19th August 2000 Updated the LINKS section - now with all my favourite Saab sites.
14th August 2000 Finished the installation of MSD Boost Retard: here's my first impressions. And got a new Casio 3.3MPixel digital camera: a dozen new photos added!
25th July 2000 Just purchased a MSD BTM boost retard unit and will hopefully have the installation and first experiences documented in a week or two. In the meantime, check out Jeff's and Kevin's MSD INFO
13th July 2000 A complete rework of the site completed. Lots of new material added. Update tracker introduced.